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MnDOT Research Services wants your ideas for the MnDOT and LRRB Research and Research Implementation Program, and this is where we gather them. We are now collecting new ideas for implementation projects (deadline September 12).

Register or log in to submit a new idea or vote on ideas under the 'recent' and 'popular' tabs. University proposals were solicited beginning August 1 from a prioritized list of research needs (see 'RFP' tab). MnDOT and LRRB will begin reviewing proposals on September 17. Implementation assistance funding requests can be developed at any time throughout the year. (Click here to read the implementation project guidelines PDF.)

For information on the Local Road Research Board program or the MnDOT Research Implementation program, please contact Bruce Holdhusen at 651-366-3760. For information on the annual research solicitation please contact Alan Rindels at 651-366-3779. For information about the LRRB research implementation committee (RIC) please contact Malaki Ruranika at 651-366-3772. For information on initiating a transportation research synthesis paper (TRS), please contact Shirlee Sherkow at 651-366-3783.

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